My Breakfast with Zac Posen
January 31, 2019

The morning after the opening night party at this year’s Interior Design show in TO, I was lucky to be invited by Monogram Canada to have breakfast with fashion designer, Zac Posen. Zac had designed an etched and mirrored fridge panel inspired by the fabric draping in his haute couture work. (Check out the House of Z on Netflix for some fantastic shots of his draping magic). We ate at the Monogram kitchen counter in the middle of the IDS show, dined on recipes from Zac’s new cookbook and were entertained by his charm. It was a pretty great way to kick off trade day at the show.

I sat right across from Zac. And yes, it was a tad intimidating until I discovered how easy breezy he is! That’s a glimpse of the mirrored fridge panel he designed in the background.

Here is a snap of Zac’s new cookbook, and the signed inside cover – so fun!. We ate a number of his dishes that morning — all delish. Zac is passionate about growing his own food and researching new ingredients. He also lives with a vegetarian so there ‘s a nice veggie slant to a lot of his food, which I like.

Of course he talked about some of the happenings at Monogram like
their pro range that features a double oven, large grill and burners that flip to let you cook on a wok without the fear of tipping it. I’m also a fan of the illuminated shelves and vertical row of spotlights inside their fridges for evenly distributed lighting. Nice improvement on the single bulb at the back of the fridge!