Caesarstone at the Castle
July 22, 2019

A few weeks back I attended a summer cocktail party hosted by Caesarstone Canada in the gorgeous gardens at Casa Loma. Caesarstone is known for hosting some of the most sophisticated and coolest design events in Canada — to be sure, whenever I receive an invitation to a C. Stone party I always rsvp yes and work my life around the event.

It was a beautiful night, the kind that only comes around once or twice a summer, and the theme was, ‘A Symphony in Stone’. A talented quartet of musicians set the scene playing chamber music that was offset by the rushing sound of the garden fountains.

To showcase the new quartz surfaces, Caesarstone had the compositions of the music that was playing laser cut into large slabs of stone displayed throughout the garden. It was the perfect soirée that reflected the quality products that Caesarstone offers; my favourite kind of design event.

And here is a peek at some of the new colours. This one is called Primordia. It has a soft, organic feel that offsets food beautifully.

And this one is called Empira white, a brilliant alternative to Nuovo or Statuario marble — at once classic and fresh.