Casamidy Love
January 30, 2019

Our living room -Before
Our inspiration for the After. Room by Casamidy

Honestly, I wish I could just duplicate this entire room by Casamidy ( in the living room at Casa Louise. If i could i probably would

Our living room has similar bones, especially because of the seashell capped bookshelves flanking the fireplace. Those shells are a traditional San Miguel design feature seen in a lot of older houses. There are many musings on the symbolism of the seashell but the one I like most views it as a sign of welcome. Out plan is to open up the shelves to the floor and paint the fireplace white as well.

Room by Casamidy

The talented husband and wife duo at casamidy, Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy, are always changing up this room for a fresh take. Here is another incarnation of the shelves styled with some other quintessential Mexican accessories and loads of pineapples – another welcoming symbol!

Chair by Casamidy

My top Casamidy Designs include this chair that combines two of my favourite colours (gold and deep green) with touches of whimsy.

Symi Lanterns by Casamidy

I am definitely stocking up on a selection of Symi lanterns in silver and gold. I know they will look brilliant lining the hallway by the colonnade and front courtyard.

Delphine Tres sofa by Casamidy

The deep seat on the Delphine Tres outdoor sofa is made for lounging and the high contrast colourful piping is super chic. I love this upholstery detail but my sister is of another opinion so we will be hashing it out soon!

Serifos Shelving unit by Casamidy

A gold leaf backed shelving unit with pink painted panelled doors looks super shard against traditional tiled flooring

I spent a few days testing out brown stains on the original ceramic floor. We would have left it as is but there are a few patches in rough shape plus i kind of fell in love with the idea of a rich chocolate brown floor that will work with more colours. At the right I’m standing in front of my top choice – 3 coats of stain…although I might go for 2 and half coats just to make it trickier!