Colour Fix Mexican Style
April 20, 2020

As a diversion from the stress of contending with a long distance renovation that I’m unable to attend, I’d like to focus on the warm, joyful colours of Mexico for a moment.

Dogs abound on the streets of San Miguel. Many of them look down from the rooftops or perch in high windows. I have many images of this handsome Shepherd keeping watch over his deep red abode. The photographer Peter Munk did a wonderful series called Roof Dogs on the subject.

Soft washed out pink and deep mustard facades flank the street.

Rows of fringed hammocks lure you in to shop.

Festive flags flutter overhead.

Brilliant blue pool tiles sparkle in the sun while the gallery cat rests by the bright green doors.

The incredible tile work at the home of local artist Jimmy Ray blows you away.

My sister, Katherine, fits in with the walls. Stacks of fresh florals waiting to be made into bunches keep things happy and bright.

At sunset, the streets glow pink and orange while the bougainvillea envelops the corner fountain in fuchsia.

The cool green taxis temper the hot hues. The inviting black double doors trimmed in gold make you wonder what magic lies beyond.