On The Rocks – dreaming of spring at Redrocks
April 5, 2020

I’m writing this post from home while we are under orders to stay indoors during the Covid 19 pandemic. I am missing Redrocks terribly and don’t really know when we will be able to get up there again. Normally we would be launching our boat and putting in the docks in the next few weeks but with the Covid numbers increasing every day I can’t imagine we will be going any time soon. I thought then that I would dedicate my next few posts to a few of my favourite things about being there. Without question, I adore the varied terrain; The white pine forest. the fern valley, the massive cliff at the far end and the sandy beach. But I think my favourite part is the rocky shoreline. And so the next few images are some snapshots of the beautiful rock formations that I’ve come to know and love.

This is one of my favourite views on the property and a perfect spot to meditate

We call this part of the property the point as it sticks out the most into the water. There is a path that meanders through the forest to lead you here. Or you can take a short canoe ride from the dock, which I often do. The coolest thing is the natural opening in the rocks, where i can easily glide the canoe in. We often come here to enjoy the sunset, picnic, swim or just take in the heat of the rocks.

You can see the massive 200 ft cliff at the far end of the property in this photo of Arriz canoeing and snapping photos. The property, Red Rocks, is named for this massive cliff that turns red when the sun hits it just right.

At the base of the cliff are these wonderful nooks and crannies where fish gather and birds paddle in and out of the formations.

We took advantage of all that natural texture by framing the view to a rock face near the building.