Secret Garden Plans
April 7, 2019

Casa No Name

The backyard at Casa louise is small but charming — quiet and private with loads of potential to become a secret oasis. We just want to create a cool, lush space where we can relax when it’s hot. I know I’ve already posted many times about Casa No Name, but I have to mention it again because the back space at this SMA hotel is one of the most romantic spaces I’ve experienced. I’m keeping this space in mind for inspiration as I’m planning the backyard space at Casa Louise.

I’m a die-hard swimmer (seriously, I will swim anywhere no matter how cold it is) so it was really important to include a pool in our plans. The space won’t allow me to do any hard core laps but there is room for a pretty plunge pool for languid lengths, which are really more my speed these days.
This is the size and style of pool I’m talking about: with a dark tiled bottom so it feels natural, plants running down one side and a stone surround.

We’re also considering these blue tiles for the pool — they’re still dark but with a bit of brightness so it feels happy.

The back wall behind the pool is being covered in stone work in shades of cream and light grey. We want it to look as if it’s been there forever so we’ll work in some old brick and plaster for this sort of old world effect.

We’d like to include a low fountain at the pool’s edge for the sound of running water, which is always great for tuning out any surrounding sounds…and there are a lot in SMA. Think fireworks, wedding parades, and of course cars.

Plant life is a big part of the experience in San Miguel because everything grows so well. The right plants are the secret to creating that sense of romance that we’re after. Our plans include Climbing Fig, which will run up the back stone wall for texture and layers. The other walls will be covered in dark pink bougainvillea for a hit of colour and jasmine for scent.
And I love the idea of working in a recessed garden feature like this stone vessel — something secret tucked into the greenery.

And last but not least, there will be an open pergola running along one side of the yard for shade…not nearly as large as this one obviously but you get the idea. The sun can get pretty hot so you one hundred percent need to create areas to relax in the shade.