Let the decorating begin
January 3, 2023

Each trip we make to San Miguel means loading up our suitcases with things I’ve collected over the years that feel like they will be more at home in Mexico than in TO. So the stunning Suzani that Arriz brought back from Jordan now sits on the back of our sofa in the living room where we can see it every time we walk in the room.

The little chair in the corner and the blue and white vase came with the house. We sent a number of things to consignment, had a yard sale and did a lot of editing to make sure we kept only the things we really loved or needed.

Mum didn’t need or want the the little collage pieces for her TO place anymore, but we adore them! Right now they are sitting under the seashell arches in the living room but I’m certain they will get moved around a lot as things unfold.

We picked up the small Turkish rug from a local antique store and it adds loads of warmth in the kitchen.

But the two large black Oaxacan pots on either side of the stove were just the thing to fill the arches in here.

The large bird print on the landing was our very first purchase for the house.